Kygo unveils ‘Piano Jam 3’KYGO At Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 32

Kygo unveils ‘Piano Jam 3’

The image of Kygo sitting before a piano is not uncommon. In fact, the Norwegian producer is often seen in his own music videos flaunting his instrumental chops, and recently starred in Apple Music’s ad proving his talent as a classically-trained pianist. Perhaps a move to highlight Kyrre’s abilities aside from creating tropical-infused records, his decision to put forth the first of a string of instrumental releases aptly titled “Piano Jam” marked an exciting time for Kygo. Across ten days, he had unveiled two beautifully executed pieces, with his third “Piano Jam” arriving nearly two months later. While each of the three samples differ, “Piano Jam 3” easily falls in between its predecessors as a cheerier offering than Jam 2, yet slightly less potent in nature than Jam 1.

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