Maceo Plex celebrates his birthday with stunning Essential MixMaceo Ple Stimulation Original Mi Preview

Maceo Plex celebrates his birthday with stunning Essential Mix

It may be his time to be adored and showered with gifts, but the ever-generous Maceo Plex decided to go the opposite route and celebrate his birthday by delivering an unforgettable Essential Mix to the masses. Announced on Halloween, the mix came as a welcome surprise; though Estornel appeared on the series in July for a brief 30 minutes, it’s been over three years since the legend last completed two hours in the Essential Mix booth. “For my birthday, I’ve just decided to play what I want,” stated the Ellum boss. “I hope that weaving out of music that I love, the mix will touch your senses in some type of way.”

Most can agree his hopes for listeners were met; the two hours that followed twisted and turned through multiple soundscapes, showcasing various new and old influences of Maceo Plex’s sonic identity. Starting off on a slow, tentative note, the Spanish producer touches emotion with forlorn melodies and gentle, minimal beats. Energy is slowly injected into the mix around thirty minutes in, giving way to a high-octane vibe that carries you straight to the end.  Tracks one wouldn’t expect to hear in conjunction with one another such as the cult classic Blade Runner theme and the more recent “Bloodsport” somehow fit together perfectly, attesting to the dark techno and house luminary’s impeccable mixing skills. At the end we’re left with a clear sense of what defines Maceo Plex and an increased desire to know what he has in store for us with his Solar album in early 2016.



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