DA Premiere: Flaxo returns with hip-hop inspired ‘Good Lord’ [Free Download]Artworks 000143628211 1p77bz T

DA Premiere: Flaxo returns with hip-hop inspired ‘Good Lord’ [Free Download]

As the New York electronic music scene makes a mass exodus to Los Angeles, Flaxo is one of the NY based artists still keeping the city on the map. Following a beatifully crafted future bass EP released last year, Flaxo returns with “Good Lord,” a hip-hop inspired beat that makes use of powerful horns and pristine percussive work. While the drums take a backseat to the glimmering synths that float above, there is little doubt that this track plays into the future bass/trap crossover sound that has received a lot of love as of late.

Ultimately, “Good Lord” is indicative of Flaxo’s growth as an artist as he begins to experiment with new sounds and find one that truly fits him. With a fresh soul sample on the drop, Flaxo channels his inner Just Blaze to craft this beautiful beat.

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