Iconic London nightclub Madame Jojo’s is being resurrectedMadame Jojos Club

Iconic London nightclub Madame Jojo’s is being resurrected

Many were distressed when London nightclub Madame Jojo’s was forced to close its doors in late 2014. Heralded as a haven for revelers of all varieties and considered to be a cultural landmark for London’s Soho district, the burlesque-focused venue functioned as a storied den of debauchery for decades before being axed as part of a gentrification effort by London’s Westminster Council.

Londoners now have cause to rejoice, as the venue is reportedly set to reopen. In an interview with London Live, Soho Estates’ Managing Director John James stated that the neighborhood is “going to build a bigger and better basement club which is going to reappear as Madame Jojo’s.” James noted that the revitalization of the club won’t be a nostalgic reinstatement of its past state, but rather a reinvention so that Madame Jojo’s can retain its significance in a modern context. James continued to say, “You’ve got to respect the fifty years that [original founder] Paul Raymond did…what he did to get us where we are today, but my job is to look to the next fifty years – if not a hundred years.”

Watch James’ full interview with London Live below.

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