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WDL Feat. Mawe – Hurricane Highlife (Original Mix)

The slow but steady introduction of WDL has marked the beginning to what could be one of the most important electronic music projects to emerge from Sweden in the past 12 months. Where the more docile trip hop undertones of “Stardust” alongside Elliphant were the last thing we expected from evolved big room contender Johan Wedel, the road to his debut album continues to curve expectations in a refreshing way.

“Hurricane Highlife” is a relatively simple electronic pop number, baring little in the way of overly experimental or complicated elements. This is somewhat the beauty of what WDL is bringing to the table — intricately layered and immediately accessible music that doesn’t feel the need to play into the day’s most common denominator. At the outset of 2016, it was evident that a shakeup within European electronic music was unavoidable, but WDL sounds like an artist set to stand at the forefront of its next creative liberation.

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