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Beatport and Scratch DJ Academy announce music education partnership

The impending auction of Beatport — mere weeks away at this point — has not prevented the site from announcing a new partnership with Scratch DJ Academy. The crux of this collaboration is to utilize Beatport’s online infrastructure as a means to allow aspiring DJ’s and producer’s access to Scratch DJ Academy’s lessons.

The Academy will be producing a weekly, livestreamed series on Beatport’s video platform, as well as producing monthly, video-on-demand content. All of their productions will also be hosted on a Scratch DJ Academy-branded channel.

Beatport will be made the Academy’s “official preferred digital music retailer,” and will provide students with credits and discounts to the Beatport store, while also offering them custom sample packs.

On the partnership, Beatport President and CEO Greg Consiglio said, “Our partnership with Scratch DJ Academy represents the latest step in an ongoing effort to help the next generation of DJs and producers acquire the skills and resources necessary for them to nurture their craft.”

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