Watch deadmau5 remix the ‘Stranger Things’ introDeadmau5 Razer

Watch deadmau5 remix the ‘Stranger Things’ intro

Netflix’s new original series, Stranger Things, has enraptured cinephiles and electronic music fans alike with its thrilling, ’80s-inspired aesthetic. The soundtrack in particular — composed by S U R V I V E’s Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon — has become the epicenter of fans’ adoration for the show, leading Netflix to release 40 tracks from the score last week.

Now deadmau5 has jumped in on the fun, showing his affinity for the series by recreating (and remixing) the main title theme from the show. Zimmerman joked about covering it on Twitter, writing “i think ill do a cover of the Stranger Things theme… i rekon i have enough vintage gear to pull that off,” before following through with a nearly 3-hour live stream from his home studio.

Zimmerman begins by shaping the theme’s notorious arpeggio before adding some prodigious saw-wave pads. By an hour in, the Canadian producer has added his own set of drums and can be found full on jamming on the theme. As he progresses along, his recreation turns into more of a reimagining, taking on various different forms and eventually transforming into something else entirely. Watch it in full below.

Skip to 55 minutes in to hear the main section of his recreation/remix.

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