DA Premiere: Pleasurekraft – All Indians, No ChiefsPleasurekraft All Indians No Chiefs Artwork

DA Premiere: Pleasurekraft – All Indians, No Chiefs

Pleasurekraft have carved out an inimitable niche within the realms of of techno and tech house in the last decade. The duo has earned an iconic status both as producers and as the overseers of their Kraftek imprint. In recent times, Pleasurekraft have veered stylistically in a somewhat different direction, opting to transfer their productive efforts from the jaunty eeriness which characterized their earlier releases into a darker, crisper techno vision.

The influence of producers like Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber, and Pig & Dan is incredibly apparent in Pleasurekraft’s recent offerings, and is reflected by the duo’s decision to expand releases past the Kraftek label; their July single “Dopefiend,” for example, was released on Beyer’s Drumcode label, which will also back their forthcoming Maskara EP.

Sian is another artist whose influence is present in Pleasurekraft’s recent works, so it is unsurprising that the duo have tapped the classic techno purist’s Octopus imprint for their newest record, “All Indians, No Chiefs.” For their Octopus contribution, Pleasurekraft continue their ominous trend by creating a cavernous sonic atmosphere. In “All Indians, No Chiefs,” subversive synthesis is driven by cerebral vocal cuts and quaking percussion, endowing the track with equal parts depth, darkness, and danceability.

Stream “All Indians, No Chiefs” below. The track is slated for official release via Octopus Recordings Monday, September 26.

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