Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh are reportedly working on an EDM project togetherLil Wayne Mannie Fresh Edm Project

Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh are reportedly working on an EDM project together

Rap’s “golden era” in the late ’90s and early ‘2000s forged some unforgettable hip-hop pairings — Lil Wayne and DJ Mannie Fresh being among those legendary ranks. The duo crafted Wayne’s breakout hit, “Go D.J.” in 2004, for instance. Fast forward over a decade later, and Wayne’s career has arguably reached its pinnacle and now may have hit a downward slope. His protégé, Drake, sits high atop the pop-culture throne, while Wayne has been entangled in bitter label politics with his longtime imprint Cash Money Records. Recently, he’s even hinted at a possible retirement on social media. All things considered though, Lil Wayne is in a position to patch together a triumphant comeback, and a rumored new electronic project could be the ace up Weezy’s sleeve.

In a recent interview, one of Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne’s collaborators revealed that the two have reunited to work on an electronic dance music-focused collaboration, though the details surrounding the joint effort are scarce at best.

Lil Wayne’s hands are still seemingly tied by his contractual disputes with his record label, so there’s no word on an official release date as of now. However, the power-coupling of DJ Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne is due for a 2016 update, and it looks like the pair have their sights set on electronic dance music this time around.

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