Listen to Knife Party and Tom Morello’s new collaboration, ‘Battle Sirens’Knife Party Tom Morello

Listen to Knife Party and Tom Morello’s new collaboration, ‘Battle Sirens’

The worlds of hard rock and EDM have officially collided. Knife Party’s new collaboration with Tom Morello, the former guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, has finally arrived. Though first teased in a live setting back in March, when Morello joined the Australian duo onstage at Ultra to perform the track, the trio’s finalized product — titled “Battle Sirens” — is now officially up for streaming.

The song melds Morello’s signature grunge guitar riffs with Knife Party’s bombastic trap and electro sound design. Despite attempting to blend two seemingly disparate worlds, the collaboration comes across naturally enough, likely due in part to Knife Party’s extensive work under their Pendulum guise.

Knife Party told Rolling Stone of the collaboration: “Tom hit us up when we were in the studio saying he’d always loved the idea of merging his guitar riffs into the electronic world and we bounced some ideas back and forth until we had the final version.”

Morello further added: “‘Battle Sirens’ is the cross genre hard guitar/hard EDM mashup I’ve been waiting to hear for years. The devastating grooves, monster drops and insane tension that are a hallmark of both Knife Party and Rage Against the Machine are elevated to a crazy level with this jam.”

Via: Rolling Stone

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