Watch Pierce Fulton’s music video for ‘Borrowed Lives’PierceFulton BorrowedLives

Watch Pierce Fulton’s music video for ‘Borrowed Lives’

Pierce Fulton made a notable break in the scene with his unabashedly house track “Kuaga.” The producer, originally from Vermont, has always featured live instrumentation in his tracks, helping him standout in a crowded scene, while still comfortably fitting within the genre. As detailed in a recent video explaining the process of crafting his latest EP Borrowed Lives, however, Fulton has completely morphed his sound into something much harder to pin down.

This new approach is best exemplified in the EP’s title track, a collaboration with fellow LA-based producer NVDES, which has just received an accompanying music video. “Borrowed Live’s” video follows Fulton from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest on series of adventures as he travels to set his (mechanical, toy) fish, traveling in a coffee pot, free in its (supposed) natural environment. The ebullient, guitar-driven track, with a relentless surging energy, is matched by the lighthearted images that accompany Fulton’s travels.

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