Nicole Moudaber vs Skunk Anansie – Love Someone Else [EP Review]Nicole Moudaber Vs Skunk Anansie Love Someone Else

Nicole Moudaber vs Skunk Anansie – Love Someone Else [EP Review]

Nicole Moudaber and Skin of Skunk Anansie became a notable pairing in 2015 with the release of their Breed EP. Skin’s vocals proved a perfect addition to the grooving, hypnotic canvases Moudaber provided, creating a set of techno and deep house pieces that have since become some of the most beloved in the MOOD catalog.

Aside from her collaborative work with Nicole Moudaber, Skin and the rest of Skunk Anansie also released an album of their own as 2016 commenced titled Anarchytecture. One of the album’s lead singles was the sinister-toned “Love Someone Else,” which follows the story of toxic lovers. The single has since been re-imagined by Nicole Moudaber, demonstrating once again how well both acts work together musically.

Moudaber begins her reinterpretation of “Someone Else” with a peak time club piece led by incessant drums and a cunning, drawn-out note progression which amplifies the track’s chorus belted out by Skin. The re-work embodies the dark sound that has captured the ears of the underground community and elevated her to “queen” status by her fans.

After starting off with intensity, the “Mood Edit” of the original takes it down a notch, painting a dissonant ambient soundscape dripping with the same synth progressions of the original remix yet lacking in percussion, making it a toned down, ethereal clip perfect for listening to outside of the club environment. Echo-y sound effects added to the Mood Edit tie the piece together, making it a clear standout from its techno counterpart.

Both versions are available through Beatport.

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