The BPM Festival releases new statement; Brazil leg postponedBPM 2015 7

The BPM Festival releases new statement; Brazil leg postponed

The BPM Festival has stepped up once again in light of the tragic shooting that took place on the final night of its tenth anniversary on January 16. Six innocent lives, including two members of the festival’s security, were taken following what was intended to be a final celebration of The BPM Festival’s 2017 edition.

“The dance floor is where people come together to share joy, be with friends, create memories, and celebrate life, The BPM Festival writes. “While our festival and dance community have experienced a tragedy, we’d also like to remember the magical moments, new friendships, and beautiful landscape of Mexico that we’ve all shared over the last 10 years.”

After recently announcing the debuts of The BPM Festival in Brazil and Portugal, the former has been put off until further notice. Fans can expect to learn more regarding the festival’s Portugal leg in the coming weeks and months. Read their statement in full below.

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