Watch this recreation of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s ‘Shelter’ live introPorter Robinson Madeon Shelter

Watch this recreation of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s ‘Shelter’ live intro

With Coachella a mere two months away, Porter Robinson and Madeon’s celebrated Shelter live tour is coming to a close. In attempts to clutch onto the ephemerality of of the duo’s performances, numerous dedicated fans have taken on the task of recreating aspects of the live show that can be enjoyed in perpetuity – a tradition which carries over from the fan-made covers of Porter Robinson’s coveted live edits in his Worlds shows.

While most followers’ homages attempt to recapture the music of the Shelter performances, YouTube user DangerParticles took a different approach. Using of Adobe After Effects, the video editor tackled the ambitious feat of emulating the intro visuals of Robinson and Madeon’s tour. While it’s impossible to truly capture the fleeting essence of a temporarily-running live tour, DangerParticles does an impressive job of authentically recreating the video sequence.

We’ve included the fan-made video below, as well as a video of the actual Shelter intro for comparison (courtesy of Ethan May).

H/T: Reddit (r/porterrobinson)

Featured image by Adam Kaplan.

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