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Look inside Daft Punk’s LA pop up shop [Video]

When Daft Punk announced earlier this week that they would be hosting a pop up shop in Los Angeles, the hype was immediate and intense. Footage from the shop, released on the duo’s Facebook page, suggests they’ve somehow managed to live up to it.

The shop’s designers promised it would be “part trip to the Daft Punk archives and part shopping experience” with high profile collectibles and one of a kind memorabilia. Among the desireables crammed into their Melrose Avenue commercial suite in West Hollywood: shirts, jackets, mugs, skateboard decks, plenty of helmets, and what appear to be beach towels. In addition to the takeaway gear, the shop serves as a retrospective with set pieces, props, wardrobe, artwork, rare photographs, and limited edition art prints for fans to peruse.

The store will be open to the public February 11-19 at 8818 Melrose Ave in honor of the duo’s upcoming Grammy Awards performance with The Weeknd–their first live appearance since 2014.

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