Moogfest to hold protest stage in resistance against ‘discriminatory politics’Moogfest 2016

Moogfest to hold protest stage in resistance against ‘discriminatory politics’

Moogfest, a forward-thinking music and technology festival held in honor of the late synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog, will return to Durham, North Carolina May 18-21 of this year. For the 2017 iteration, the festival organizers have taken it upon themselves to speak out against “discriminatory politics” by hosting a “Protest Stage.”

The scope of Moogfest’s protest is far reaching, inspired as a resistance to North Carolina’s House Bill 2 – a measure passed by NC legislature in 2016 which famously imposed anti-trans restrictions on bathrooms throughout the state – as well as similar laws proposed in Kansas and Texas. The event vocally opposed HB2 after its passing in 2016.

Moogfest’s statement announcing the Protest Stage also cites the festival’s opposition toward President Trump’s travel ban and its solidarity with the Women’s March, which drew 2.9 million protestors internationally on January 21.

According to Moogfest, the Protest Stage “reflects the legacy of Bob Moog…who believed that true innovation comes through collaboration, not exclusion.” Encouraging followers and attendees to support the ACLU both in North Carolina and nationwide, Moogfest describes the protest element of the festival thusly:

“As one of our key themes this year, Protest will also be brought to life through workshops, installations, conversations, and masterclasses. We will stand in full accord with artists from various communities to collectively celebrate inclusivity and elevate the fight against discrimination here in North Carolina and across the world.”

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