Zomboy and 12th Planet go old school on ‘Dead Presidents’Zomboy 12th Planet Dead Presidents Artwork

Zomboy and 12th Planet go old school on ‘Dead Presidents’

2010 was a simpler time for dance music. It was a time before “suhh dude,” SoundCloud takedowns, and “vomitstep.” Justin Bieber wasn’t even old enough to vote, but dubstep had recently washed up American shores and quickly taken over, largely thanks to a certain young emo rocker with a half-shaved head and big chunky glasses. In 2010, guys like Figure, Skream & Benga, SKisM, and Rusko were producing some of the heaviest music dance floors could handle. Some years later, bass vets 12th Planet and Zomboy have linked up to take it back to the old school again in celebration of Never Say Die Records‘ 100th release. The pair just dropped a cleverly-named “Dead Presidents” as a nostalgic punch to the gut.

Aside from a slightly misplaced”Arabian Nights” themed intro, the track is unabashed, headbanging fuel from front to back. Jay Fresh provides lyrical hype in the build and swift quips to breakup the snarling low-end assault from Zomboy and his Smog Records counterpart. Keeping the needle fixed at 70 beats-per-minute, the two dubstep factotums pay homage to Zomboy’s longtime home imprint in appropriate fashion on “Dead Presidents” offering up a new track with a vintage feel that will make fragile ears bleed.

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