Gorillaz dissect “Andromeda” on Song ExploderSongEploder102 Gorillaz

Gorillaz dissect “Andromeda” on Song Exploder

The trail to the Gorillaz’s next studio album, Humanz, continues with an exclusive episode on Song Exploder — the podcast that has musicians dissect and explain the development of their own music. Piece by piece. Note by note.
Gorillaz’s muse, Damon Albarn, sat down with Song Exploder to tell the story of the group’s collaboration with D.R.A.M. “Andromeda.” D.R.A.M. joins the podcast to explain how the project came to fruition and for diehard Gorillaz fans there’s even a scrapped demo version that takes the collaboration on an interesting spin.

And don’t worry — Albarn still has 40-50 songs ready to go for after the album is released.