Malaa unveils ‘Illegal Mixtape’ on Confession labelMalaa

Malaa unveils ‘Illegal Mixtape’ on Confession label

Malaa is back with the new Illegal Mixtape. Released on Tchami’s Confession label, the mixtape is a followed up to the mysterious artist’s Illicit EP. The masked producer combines his signature G-house sound with an undivided love for the underground roots by enlisting the support of other less-visible artists. Stepping out, Malaa was able to mesmerize fans with earlier hits such as “Notorious,” and “Pregnant.” Illegal features 12 songs including works by Malaa, Maximono, Gerry Gonza, and more.

“It’s all about house music. Listen children, I’m gonna tell you about this thing called house music. Like my boy Eddie told ya, it’s a spiritual thing, yes it is. But I’m here to tell ya, more of what house music means to me. House music is a healer when you don’t feel good inside. House music is something that keeps you up when you’re feeling down, yes it is. And can’t nobody steal your joy on the dance-floor once the music takes over” – Malaa, Bylina (Illegal Mixtape)

If the mixtape isn’t enough for fans, there’s more in store. Malaa will be heading on tour following today’s release of the compilation. The tour will be a short one, six stops, starting in Vancouver, BC, then across the the US. The tour stops are as follows:

April 27- Vancouver, BC

April 28- Las Vegas, NV

April 29- Santa Ana, CA

May 4- Los Angeles, CA

May 5- Brooklyn, NY

May 6- Detroit, MI

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who are able to see Malaa’s show, stream the Illegal Mixtape below.

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