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Odesza confirms new music by teasing unreleased track

It’s an exciting day to be an Odesza fan. Over two years since 2014’s In Return, the group has finally answered fans’ call for new music.

In a video posted across the outfit’s socials, they compiled countless tweets of fans demanding new Odesza tunes. The last tweet in the video is from the duo themselves and contains just one word: Tomorrow. The video is accompanied by a teaser of new music, featuring chopped, melodic vocals and signature Odesza  percussion that all cut off before the drop.

This news aligns with the date encoded in the empty Spotify playlist hinting at new music on April 25. With festival season and a two night run at Red Rocks looming, there is no better time than now for a new release. While there is no word on whether tomorrow will bring a sole single, or begin to usher in a new album or EP, Odesza fans around the world will be watching close to hear what the duo has to offer.

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