Solomun enthralls with two remixes of Pantha du Prince’s ‘Dream Yourself Awake’Solomun Erik Voake Coachella B009779 E1525887260101

Solomun enthralls with two remixes of Pantha du Prince’s ‘Dream Yourself Awake’

Given his reputation as one of the world’s premier taste-making DJs, it’s unsurprising that Solomun is a man of diverse influences and ideas. Unlike a majority of his colleagues, the Diynamic label-head makes his eclectic inspirations clear not only in his comprehensive mixes, but also in his modus operandi for remixes.

Whether intentional or not, Solomun often channels the biblical King Solomon’s “splitting the baby” approach to his remixes. That is to say, when tapped for a remix, the artist has a demonstrable track record for providing two interpretations of the original track, rather than one of limiting himself to a remix that explores just one direction. The producer has, in recent years, provided “Night” and “Morning” or “Day” remixes to both Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard’s “For You” and Liu Bei’s “Atlas World.”

Yesterday, June 10, Solomun released his newest pair of revisions, this time taking on German artist Pantha du Prince’s “Dream Yourself Awake.” For his “standard” remix of the track, the producer transfers the original vocals into an engrossing deep house composition, driven by stirring samples and somber bass lines.

Additionally, Solomun provides a “dream remix” for Pantha du Prince’s work. Taking on a different character than his normal sonic fare, the iconic artist offers a version of the song which is completely void of any percussive elements, instead opting to arrange the original vocal lines into a canvas of mesmerizing synthesis and haunting drones.

Both interpretations of “Dream Yourself Awake” are included in the official remix package for Pantha du Prince’s The Triad LP, which includes further remixes from the likes of Recondite, John Roberts, and Shinedoe.

Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Remix)

Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Dream Remix)

Featured image via Erik Voake/Coachella

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