Mat Zo & The Knocks release ‘Adrian,’ their first single as The Mary NixonsThe Mary Nions Adrian

Mat Zo & The Knocks release ‘Adrian,’ their first single as The Mary Nixons

Mat Zo and The Knocks are both adept at producing quality electronic music across multiple genre mediums. While Zo errs on the heavier side while The Knocks generally create more lighthearted tunes, both find a common adoration of vintage, funk-influenced sounds. Their shared interest and free-spirited musical natures have now melded into a brand new force called “The Mary Nixons,” and indeed, the combination of the two is proving to be as delectable as it sounds.

“Adrian” is a fine introduction to The Mary Nixons, employing plenty of airy supporting elements often heard in tracks by The Knocks with weightier undertones, clever editing, and synth-work that indicates Zo’s contributions. The composition is quite the fine blend of the nascent group members’ musical stylings, and flows seamlessly in its development. Topping it off, warm vocals add an anthemic dimension “Adrian,” one that make it perfect for sets.

The Mary Nixons derive their title from singer Marni Nixon, an under-the-radar vocalist who can be heard in multiple iconic musicals – most of which she wasn’t given credit for, unfortunately. The name pays homage to truly talented artists that often go unnoticed in the current “rockstar” climate of electronic music. Though perhaps The Mary Nixons might start off below the surface, what will indeed speak for itself is the talent involved in their craft.

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