The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ has now been in the Top 40 for an entire yearJEWEL The Chainsmokers Photo Credit Tony Tran 1 2

The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ has now been in the Top 40 for an entire year

While The Chainsmokers stepped down from the Billboard Top 10 earlier this year, their reign over the musical kingdom still remains supreme as the duo’s hit-single “Closer” is now one of the biggest charting hits in music history.

Love it or hate it, “Closer,” is a serious smash hit and as of this week, has been living inside the U.S. Top 40 for an entire year.

Maintaining Top 40 status here in America is a serious feat, usually an enormous indication of an artist’s potential trajectory.  Of course, The Chainsmokers astronomical success could hardly have been predicted, as not every track that enters its realm ends up being huge, and the same goes for its artists.  It is a good indication of what’s being consumed by large populations of people, meaning it’s a pretty big deal when anything is able to even just a couple months within the area.

“Closer,” is truly the catchy pop jam that transformed The Chainsmokers from producers to superstars. The track can also be largely attributed to featured vocalist Halsey‘s rise as well. If “Closer” somehow falls out of the Top 40 next week — it did land at number 39 this week— it’s likely to not disappear from the Hot 100 entirely for quite some time.  Truthfully, it’s likely the dance track will live on the chart for another 365 1/4 rotations around the sun, if not even longer.

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