Four Tet slings out swirling new song ‘SW9 9SL’Four Tet

Four Tet slings out swirling new song ‘SW9 9SL’

Four Tet is slinging out some seriously mysterious work as of late. With no complaints, Kieran Hebden’s recently shared “Planet,” was shortly followed up with a slyly shared track added to his long-running Spotify playlist. The gibberish-emoji titled track ended up dating back to 2016’s Randoms compilations. Now he’s slung out another new track, that swirls in its beauty, rising and falling in energy all the way through its finish.

Its title, “SW9 9SL,” also appears to be the postal code of London’s O2 Brixton Academy, where the artist played all-night shows in October of both 2016 and 2015. Likely an homage to the venue, it also wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary to see a live continuation there announced in the weeks to come. He’s currently slated to deliver an all night DJ set already that month in Chicago.

Hebden announced in July a new album will see the light of day shortly and while there’s no word on its release yet, the occasional new drops, for now, will surely suffice.

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