Roland teams up with Serato again for two new hybrid DJ ControllersDj 505 Parts 5 Gal

Roland teams up with Serato again for two new hybrid DJ Controllers

Roland‘s teamed up with New Zealand’s Serato software company again for two new hybrid DJ controllers. Following Roland’s release of the boutique TR-808 retailing for $1,300 — which featured jog wheels, four channels, a sequencer, sample pads and Roland’s drum pad sounds — is two more meticulously crafted mechanisms, the DJ-505 and DJ-202 both out later this year.

Joining the AIRA DJ line, both machines will contain a drum machine for making beats on the go. Essentially the 505 and 202 mechanisms are smaller significantly cheaper versions of an 808.

The 505 will feature two channels and allow users to plug in turntables or CDJs. It’s two line input will allow the mixer to be used in standalone mode or to be hooked up to the included Serato DJ. The machine’s also Serato DVS upgrade ready to implement it into any time code setups. Meanwhile, the 202 drops the dedicated 16-step sequencer of the 808 and 505 and replaces the XLR outs with phono, although it still has an onboard sequencer able to control an included Serato DJ Intro sampler.

Each of the hybrid controllers will also come equipped 808 and 909 drum sounds, with 606 and 707 samples through a soon-to-be-released firmware update down the road.

The two will retail for around $770 and $330 respectively. While there’s no release date for the controllers yet, Roland has shared a video of the 505 in action. Watch below.

H/T: DJ Mag

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