Avicii Shares Why He Took A Hiatus In Recent InterviewAvicii

Avicii Shares Why He Took A Hiatus In Recent Interview

Avicii has opened up about the break he had last year which many mistook as an announcrment that he was ending his career altogether. His then-indefinite hiatus started a firestorm of discussion on social media, but we now know for sure it was mainly the touring aspects since the Swedish hitmaker has returned with a new EP entitled AVĪCI (01).

After being hospitalized more than once during last year’s tour, over-drinking being one part of the problem, Avicii shared his hindsight on that period:

“It was hard…I looked at myself like, ‘Fuck, you should’ve really stood up for yourself more there. Come on, Tim!’ Why didn’t I stop the ship earlier?'”

Avicii also shed light on the overall touring lifestyle from his own perspective, and the immense exhaustion that it comes with:

“The one thing that kept me from stopping was that I felt weird – like, ‘Why the fuck can’t I enjoy this like all the other DJs?’”

“But I’m starting to realize that a lot of the DJs who look excited at every show have the same thoughts.”

The icon also has an upcoming documentary soon to be release entitled Avicii: True Stories out October 26th.

Listen to Avicii’s new EP here


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