Kidswaste announces massive US tour with Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, and Chet Porter

Kidswaste announces massive US tour with Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, and Chet Porter

French DJ and producer, Quentin Beauvois, more prominently known under the moniker Kidswaste, has announced his first tour, set to span across several major cities in the United States and Canada. Known for his dreamy style which incorporates colorful melodies, alluring vocals, and mellow, downtempo beats, Kidswaste cultivates a uniquely distinct sound that has garnered support both in his home country, and around the world.


Kidswaste will also be touring with the duo Hotel Garuda, New York-based producer Jai Wolf, and Canadian act, Chet Porter. Coming together from different backgrounds, the artists who will be performing on the Tonight tour each bring forth their own indie electronic vibe which makes the lineup rich and diverse. The Tonight tour is especially significant because it marks Kidswaste’s first appearance in the United States.

“I’ve never been to the US or even traveled that far by myself so that’s something that excites me a lot. It’s a whole new experience for me and I don’t know what to expect, and stress, relief, happiness and anxiety all comes together. I am really excited for this tour though, I and hope everyone will enjoy it.”


As a largely up-and-coming act, Kidswaste’s US Tonight tour will showcase both his production talent and performance skill to a large and diverse audience, generating live exposure to a demographic where the majority of his fans are located. His debut US set will take place on November 1 in Northampton, Massachusetts hitting major cities along the way such as Chicago, Brooklyn, and DC. Kidswaste’s tour is centered around his forthcoming single titled, “Tonight” featuring Manila Killa and Chelsea Cutler. The single is currently available on Spotify pre-save and will be officially released on November 6.

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