Heathered Pearls unveils Detroit-tinged tribute ‘The Packard Plant’Heathered Pearls Detroit Ep Ghostly

Heathered Pearls unveils Detroit-tinged tribute ‘The Packard Plant’

From the time of his 2012 debut as Heathered Pearls onward, Polish-born and Detroit-raised Jakub Alexander has used his art — music, installations, and performances — to re-imagine pieces of his past and concurrently chart his future. Currently the head of A&R at the illustrious Ghostly International, Alexander will once again take off running with these same objectives with a new EP, Detroit, MI 1997-2001.

Although, Ghostly’s steadfast to point out, “The EP is a tribute, not a replica.”

Each track on Heathered Pearls’ upcoming EP is named after specific places in Detroit — whether it be the Packard Plant or the Mack & Bellevue warehouse — Alexander will pay homage to the pivotal sites in Midwestern rave culture.

As Alexander has grown increasingly entrenched in the industry, the city of Detroit has simultaneously experienced immense growth and deserved attention for its longtime musical contributions.

Describing his new music, Alexander explains, “The music pulses like a memory resurfacing, vivid but inexact: a form both familiar and new.” Certainly, elements of the two’s respective growth can be expected on the upcoming release, likely lending way to an exuberant apex of ambient techno.

While the EP’s won’t arrive until early-December, Alexander has unveiled the first commemorative number, “The Packard Plant.” The tune’s a thumping, appropriately-sinister tribute to the abandoned automotive manufacturing center, complete with a hand-picked brick from the site on the EP cover itself.

Detroit, MI 1997 – 2001 will be the first new music from Heathered Pearls since his second album, Body Complex, released in 2015.

01. Under The Bridge
02. The Chop Shop
03. Mack & Bellevue
04. The Packard Plant

Heathered Pearls will release Detroit, MI 1997 – 2001 via Ghostly International December 8.

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