A knockoff Fabric has been discovered in ChinaFabric Shanghai

A knockoff Fabric has been discovered in China

It has long been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but in a country infamous for its copy and paste pop culture, it seems things have been taken to an entirely new level.

Just last week, Dutch DJ and promoter Bram van Ravenhorst — aka Blind ’92 — who operates an underground club called Echo Bay in Chongqing, China spotted a familiar sign in the country. Unfortunately, Ravenhorst came to find that the city’s “FABRIC” also boasts a logo nearly identical to the one used by the iconic London institution of the same name. He captured the image below.

A knockoff Fabric has been discovered in ChinaFabric Shanghai Door

According to Mixmag Asia, it seems the nightclub’s name and logo are the only similarities, as the Fabric knockoff boasts commercial EDM and house music, as well as China’s “sexy girls dancing.”

Having opened in 1999, the storied London Fabric is one of the most well-respected and well-known underground music institutions in the world. Undoubtedly, the global dance music community will have its opinions of the counterfeit institution, but one thing’s for sure, nothing will ever compare to the original.

Photo Credit: Bram van Ravenhorst

H/T: Mixmag, Mixmag Asia

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