Crankdat flaunts his dark side on ‘Need Somebody’Crankdat Need Somebody

Crankdat flaunts his dark side on ‘Need Somebody’

Known for his eclectic production style, Crankdat unveiled a bass laden, dubstep single, “Need Somebody.” With his growing arsenal of diverse, colorful originals and intriguing remixes, Crankdat has proven himself to be an extremely versatile artist over the past year.

In contrast to his previous more melodic releases such as “Reasons To Run,” and “Dollars,” Crankdat flaunts his forte for engineering darker, heavily saturated sounds in “Need Somebody.” The track features dramatic builds infused with distorted vocals, enthralling, syncopated beats, and intense climaxes contrasted by eerie interludes.

With his latest, Crankdat continues to explore the depths of dance music by pushing the production envelope, giving us another reason to gear up for 2018.

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