Crankdat makes his first foray into drum & bass in new releaseCrankdat Press

Crankdat makes his first foray into drum & bass in new release

In a world where fan bases are often upset when their favorite producers pivot from the genre that brought them to notoriety, Crankdat has been nothing short of vocal about his desire to produce outside of the box and experiment with new styles. The producer has done just that with his newest release, “Say It,” which marks his foray into drum & bass production.

“The production process of ‘Say It’ was absolutely seamless,” he says of the new release. “I produced the beat earlier this year with no intentions of doing anything with it – sometimes I make very different styles of music for total fun, and so was the case with this, I just did it for fun. When I sent it around to my team and a few other trusted ears, everyone really liked it.”

The track features vocals by Sara Skinner and blends a catchy melody into a bouncy drum & bass drop. Crankdat now has future bass, drum & bass, dubstep, and melodic trap releases under his belt. He continues to keep listeners on their toes, and “Say It” is the perfect addition to his growing roster of diverse releases.

Photo Credit: Tyler Church

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