[WATCH] DallasK releases psychedelic new video for single ‘Recover’Dallask

[WATCH] DallasK releases psychedelic new video for single ‘Recover’

Things get weird at a Carnival in DallasK‘s latest music video for single “Recover.” The track is a part of his forthcoming EP, which will span a variety of genres. Each track will be connected by the fact that the producer is the vocalist on the song. DallasK spoke to DA about the new video, describing how the carnival concept was a total accident.

“The Recover video came together completely by accident when we stumbled on an empty carnival and I think it completely matches the almost spooky yet energetic vibe of the song. I’m so excited for you all to see it” — DallasK

Camera shots pan in on DallasK with psychedelic carnival scenes in the background giving the viewer a million things to look at. Meanwhile, the video uses the producer himself as the steadying visual force throughout.