Pan-Pot rework ‘Babylon Berlin’ theme into jarring technoBabylon Berlin Pan Pot Remi

Pan-Pot rework ‘Babylon Berlin’ theme into jarring techno

Dance music and mystery make for a pleasing combination — especially when the genre in question is techno. Pan-Pot were tapped to foster such a combination by the critically-acclaimed German show, Babylon Berlin, whose brooding plot is based around a series of detective novels by Volker Kutschner. The theme song, “Zu Asche, zu Staub,” has since been re-worked into a piece fit for the basement clubs in the city.

Pan-Pot’s reimagining opens with the ethereal piano progressions of the original, before diving deep into a hole of throbbing percussion and hypnotic synth beeps that, when paired with the resounding vocals of “Zu Asche, zu Staub,” results in a high-charged number that obliterates the dancefloor. This standard is one that fans have come to expect from Pan-Pot, who’ve long honed their sounds in and out of the club circuit and have proven their affinity for dark, driving productions.



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