Mysterious new Deathpact project continues to emerge with latest drop, ‘Piston’Image From IOS

Mysterious new Deathpact project continues to emerge with latest drop, ‘Piston’

There is a certain allure that accompanies the unknown — that curious whisper that can beckon one blindly, vertigo that comes not from fear of falling from city rooftops but rather from knowing that one could. It’s from that place of interest that draws our attention towards Deathpact.

Deathpact has a very limited discography but that isn’t to say it has gone unnoticed at all. Deathpact turned heads with involvement on REZZ’s Certain Kind Of Magic assisting with the track “Life & Death.” Since then, the enigmatic new Deathpact, rumored to be a new project from an already well-established producer, has released “Danger” and “First Interference,” both hard-hitting, dark, almost sinister tunes.

With the release of their latest, “Piston,” Deathpact has done it once more. The track begins with an eerie alien-like mutter only to quickly form into an explosive, bass-heavy, rail riding, headbanger. Sonically, “Piston” demands an energetic reaction through a dark, cosmic calling that says, “come one, come all… if you can handle it.” It holds a circus of bass, kicks, and synths that are in perfect disarray. The track comes to a close as eloquently abruptly as it arrived leaving the listener dumbfounded, exhausted, and immensely entertained. “Piston” has definitely further developed the mystery shrouding this artist. This perplexing website doesn’t hurt the cause either.

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