Premiere: Budakid & Westseven – QuixoticBudakid Quiotic

Premiere: Budakid & Westseven – Quixotic

The music industry is a tough landscape to navigate. It’s best done with a small network of trusted friends and colleagues whose aim is to boost each other up as a collective for the good of music. This is the vision When We Dip had in mind when the outlet-turned-multimedia and management company took the plunge and launched their own record label, XYZ. The imprint’s ethos falls in line with the institution’s desire to see truly talented artists succeed, and Dancing Astronaut is happy to assist them in this drive with a premiere of XYZ’ first release.

Quixotic is a three-piece EP by Budakid, a promising act in the melodic sphere. Having already proven his worth with work on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth and Guy J‘s Lost & Found, the progressive up-and-comer fits in perfectly as the one to ring in a new era of XYZ. We’ve gotten our hands on the title track — a collaboration with Westseven — and it’s as heady and entrancing as Budakid’s repertoire thus far. It plays around with quirky synth edits and lush percussion, using far-off riffs of piano and a warming bassline to tie together its dreamy atmosphere. The track unfolds like a flower, with pleasing vocals making their way into the piece to drive its momentum. We expect to hear this in quite a few of Budakid’s colleagues sets as fall fades into winter.



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