Malaa explores the darker mystique of house music on ‘Illegal Mixtape II’Malaa Charly Chivteam

Malaa explores the darker mystique of house music on ‘Illegal Mixtape II’

It’s masks on for Malaa fans as the elusive producer follows his initial Illegal Mixtape with secondary installment, Illegal Mixtape II. The rousing followup harnesses the dark mystique of an underground warehouse show, and transmits it to Illegal Mixtape II, diffusing it among the product’s 11-total tracks. Illegal Mixtape II not only solidifies, but extends Malaa’s reign as one of house music’s most dynamic entities, as the beat master experiments with trappings of bass house, G house, tech house, and vintage house across the project’s 11-offerings.

Illegal Mixtape II touts the previously and consecutively released singles, “Bling Bling,” “Cash Money,” and “We Get Crunk.” Malaa casts tonal shadows in fellow comprising tracks like “All About House” and “Mr. Donk,” cuts that represent the dark allure that pervades the mixtape. Illegal Mixtape II bears witness to equally gripping appearances from Malive, Dillon Nathaniel, Crossnaders, GODAMN, Matroda, Bellecour, Lucati, and Adult Art Club, marking yet another entrancing outing for Malaa & Co. on Tchami‘s Confession imprint.

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