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Dillon Francis has a new YouTube series called ‘What’s In Dillon’s Box’

For those unfamiliar with Dillon Francis content, his YouTube channel is loaded with comedic genius. From One Deeper Talks with DJ Hanzel to his latest play on Influencers in Like & Subscribe, Francis has acquired fans of not just his music, but also his hilarity.

The next installment for the multi-platinum-selling DJ is titled What’s In Dillon’s Box? The weekly video series will consist of brief reviews about some products Francis acquires via “drunk” Amazon purchases. The pilot reviews a Vector Robot with a myriad of frustrating qualities, all of which drive Francis towards squaring up with an object that’s a fraction of his size. Despite its flaws, the Robot will be given away to one lucky commenter. In the video’s Thumbnail, it displays as a play on third-party YouTubers that use silly images as clickbait for their review video.

Aside from YouTube content, Francis recently signed a development deal with 20th Century Fox Television to spearhead an animated series called Gerald’s World, all focused on his famous candy-filled friend.

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