Noisia smash genre constraints on stormy new single, ‘The Hole Pt. 1’Noisia Ballet 1

Noisia smash genre constraints on stormy new single, ‘The Hole Pt. 1’

Noisia have long been regarded as one of the most unique and distinctive acts to ever pass through the electronic music realm. Lately, we’ve seen the Dutch trio in the studio with Phace, cranking out productions like “Deep Down,” which came out at the end of 2018. Turns out they’ve also been at work on a new single: a drum ‘n’ bass-oriented piece with an uncommon time signature.

“The Hole Pt. 1” features an off-kilter beat that catches the listener’s ear from the start. Otherworldly sound effects filter in and out over the percussion, carrying the listener to other dimensions over the course of the song’s length. In the last minute of the song, dramatic orchestral elements are introduced, paving the way for “The Hole Pt. 2,” which will hopefully follow. As is always the case with Noisia’s music, pristine sound design is at the forefront of their productions, setting the bar high for aspiring artists who look up to them.

“[The Hole Pt. 1] is a song about a journey into the space inside yourself. A cathartic, claustrophobic journey of self-confrontation,” the trio said of the new song on their Patreon page, where fans can get the song early.

“The Hole Pt. 1” is officially out July 3 via Vision Recordings.

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