Exclusive: Justin Jay and Josh Taylor serve relaxation in ‘I Just Wanna Sleep’Justin Jay Press 2020 Credit Joe Climan

Exclusive: Justin Jay and Josh Taylor serve relaxation in ‘I Just Wanna Sleep’

Experimentation is a defining characteristic in Justin Jay‘s musicianship, and he continues this trend with “I Just Want To Sleep”—the second single off his forthcoming sequel album to 2019’s Everything Will Come Together. Alongside Josh Taylor, his current classmate and current bandmate, the two have forged a funk-inpsired, downtempo tune that strays off the beaten path from Jay’s traditional aesthetic.

“I Just Wanna Sleep” brings transports listeners to a beachside escape, piña colada in hand. Pleasant licks of electric guitar and layered vocals are anchored in place by an immensely catchy bassline, with each element playing off one another to create a mellow atmosphere. It’s clear that Josh Taylor’s laidback ethos plays a large influence in the finished product.

Justin Jay announced Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2 at the start of 2020 via “Stop,” featuring Tima Dee. The LP’s eponymous predecessor saw Justin Jay really stepping into his own as a singer/songwriter following the smash success of Home. “I Just Wanna Sleep” additionally serves as taste of what’s to come in Josh Taylor’s upcoming record, Breakfast In Bed.

Order a copy of “I Just Want To Sleep” via Fantastic Voyage here.

Photo credit: Joe Climan

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