Giorgio Moroder issues pop-enthused remix of Katy Perry’s, ‘Smile’Giorgio Moroder Pc Facebook

Giorgio Moroder issues pop-enthused remix of Katy Perry’s, ‘Smile’

Giorgio Moroder‘s prolific career has effectuated a myriad of acclaimed discography, reaping award-winning recognition in production, film scoring, and other areas of artistic prowess. Over the decades, the legendary electronic pioneer has delivered various remix treatments for a colorful collection of acts, including Donna Summer, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and more. Now, the Godfather of Disco returns with another highly-coveted remix as he takes on duties for the next hitmaker: Katy Perry.

In his newest reimagining, Moroder crafts pop radiance on the title track from Perry’s forthcoming studio album, Smile. Featuring imaginative intonations, the remix retains the boisterous spunk of the original while integrating dance-pop elements, employing a vocoder and atmospheric interludes. Pairing orchestral layers with playful synth riffs, the new arrangement dexterously enriches Perry’s vocals and the hook’s bright brasses, simultaneously pronouncing core elements and inscribing a retro twist in its jubilant refreshment.

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