i_o and Raito share fiery techno EP, ‘révolution’I O 2 Credit Leah Sems

i_o and Raito share fiery techno EP, ‘révolution’

It’s hard to argue that anyone is making a quicker push to the top of techno than i_o. After releasing his high-profile collaboration with Grimes in September 2019, i_o announced his 444 series. After dropping all three projects, the rising mau5trap star now returns with his fifth EP in only one-year’s time.

Throughout révolution, i_o and co-producer Raito—a versatile force to reckon with himself—delve into a variety of techno subgenres, manifesting in the vicious, acidic synth lines of the title track and the cavernous energy of “Don’t Stop.” However, a constant throughout the project is an unrelenting, driving rhythm that carries through all 22-minutes of the project. That consistent feeling, coupled with the extra attention that i_o and Raito pay to fluidly stitching the tracks together, makes révolution immediately immersive, and serves as more evidence that both artists are ones to watch moving forward.

Featured image: Leah Sems

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