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New clinical trial combines LSD and MDMA

Over the course of the last decade, LSD and MDMA have shown great promise for their potential to treat mental health conditions like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Now—in the first-ever LSD/MDMA combination clinical trial—a new drug development startup called Mind Medicine Inc. will explore the therapeutic possibilities of simultaneous use of these substances.

Known to psychedelic users as “candy-flipping,” combining LSD and MDMA interweaves the enhanced perception induced by LSD with the euphoria and feelings of connection associated with MDMA. Researchers at Mind Medicine hope to explore whether the positive effects of combining the drugs will cancel out the negative risks posed by each, ultimately creating a more productive and beneficial environment for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

The study, which will be conducted on 24 healthy volunteers, is not yet aimed at a particular mental illness. Based on the success of the first round, researchers will then target a yet unannounced mental health condition for the second round of trials.

H/T: Forbes

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