longstoryshort expands his live munitions with ‘Warehouse Weapons EP’DSC2842

longstoryshort expands his live munitions with ‘Warehouse Weapons EP’

In October, longstoryshort put forth a powerful prelude to his Warehouse Weapons EP. Pulling up to the electronic release ring with frenetic fury, “Raw Uncut” provided the introduction to the New York native’s latest project before passing the sonic baton to “Never Gave A” in November. Working in tandem to assert that the EP would assuredly live up to its title, the two-pair primed listeners for what was to come when the last grain of sand in the hourglass fell, yielding the full-fledged release.

Distributed via JustUs Recs, Warehouse Weapons EP realizes its complete form with “Test Me,” a flippant bass house tack-on that flaunts longstoryshort’s creative attitude. Demonstrative of bass house’s sheer power when longstoryshort rallies behind the genre, Warehouse Weapons EP is, well, a warehouse weapon.

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