Matisse & Sadko, Lovespeake  epitomize summer house with ‘OK’Screen Shot 2021 06 14 At 9.47.17 PM

Matisse & Sadko, Lovespeake epitomize summer house with ‘OK’

Right as summer makes its ceremonial admission, Matisse & Sadko are temporarily stepping beyond the STMPD RCRDS gates to yield a well-timed, unsuspecting crossover with Lovespeake on Spinnin’ Records. In a revalidation of their pledge to make monthly release ring go-rounds that trails their Alex Aris reunion on Martin Garrix’s label, the Russian brothers are now shaking up their discography with “OK.”

“OK” is anything but the name it bears, with Matisse & Sadko setting out to gratify a healthy “portion of summer vibes” at the most opportune moment imaginable. Matisse & Sadko have never been ones to hold back on their creative strike, moving slightly outside of their tried-and-true progressive house diction and calling in Lovespeake—who dance music listeners might recall lent a hand on David Guetta and MORTEN’sSave My Life“—to churn out a softened, winning seasonal house record that epitomizes all that the duo had set out to accomplish.

Featured image: Ushuaïa Ibiza

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