Ryos creates another progressive house ‘Memory’ on Revealed RecordingsScreen Shot 2022 02 15 At 9.19.17 PM

Ryos creates another progressive house ‘Memory’ on Revealed Recordings

Audien said it best: “progressive house never died.” And Ryos hasn’t missed a single step is being an emphatic proponent of that message over the past near-decade. With Miami Music Week and Ultra swiftly creeping up, Ryos is making a timely grand entry into 2022, returning to Revealed Recordings to turn the release page from his YouTube intro-turned-original “Monster” with “Memory.”

Ryos’ level of unbroken consistency goes without saying and “Memory” is another overt case study as to why he’s remained a Dancing Astronaut favorite year after year. “Memory” bottles up the progressive house glory that the first half of the prior decade was rife with, with Ryos chaining a spine-tingling lead to wistful lyricism that instantaneously draws daydreams of being in Miami in just about a month’s time.

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