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Julian Jordan further defines ‘HYPER HOUSE’ with six-track EP on STMPD RCRDS

Not every artist has the ability to attach a personalized genre next to their name. But Julian Jordan is one of those. It took him more than a year of unrelenting dedication to make the decision to break the cycle of one-off originals and move towards something larger: his first-ever EP. Aptly named HYPER HOUSE after the bass house branding he’d been continually fine-tuning and following his Sentio spotting, Jordan’s debut EP has landed on none other than STMPD RCRDS.

Beginning with Jordan’s Martin Garrix and Tinie Tempah-paired original that debuted at Electric Love—better known as “Diamonds“—HYPER HOUSE had been constructed piece by piece dating back to October, with “Thunder,” “Sound Of The Bass,” and “Out Of My Mind” coming as its four pre-release previews. And a pair of desired IDs from the STMPD RCRDS veteran have arrived to fill out the six-part tracklist that was the outcome of “hundreds of sessions” and feels like the “perfect next step in [his] career.” Joining the forenamed EP members are “Juice” with Siks as well as “Rudeboy,” all of which justly sum up the project’s name and further define the red-blooded house vigor that Jordan has carved out for himself to help push STMPD RCRDS forward and the state of house music at large.

Stream all six HYPER HOUSE releases below.

Featured image: Tomorrowland Winter

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