Good Morning Mix – Sander van Doorn makes his Essential Mix debut in 2006Electric Zoo 2012 Sander Van Doorn 3

Good Morning Mix – Sander van Doorn makes his Essential Mix debut in 2006

Back in 2006 the dance music landscape was much different than it is today. Still a decidedly underground experience in the US, many of today’s biggest artists were delivering sets that would shock and disappoint the festival crowds of 2013. I concede the point that it’s most likely a purely subjective opinion, that nothing much has changed in the scene except for my age and my perspective. Then I listen to Sander van Doorn‘s 2006 Essential Mix debut and I start to think otherwise.  Call it the nostalgia for a simpler time, but simplicity is the one thing that Sander’s mix was not – like many of his contemporaries did in 2006, Sander paid no mind to the trends of the time and instead defined them for himself, delivering a set that stands the test of time as a flawless representation of dance music at the start of its US rebirth. With early cuts from Dada Life, Ferry Corsten and even Steve Angello, Sander’s Essential Mix is a two hour snapshot of the honest creativity and style that defined the scene seven years ago.

Listen after the break.

01. Let’s Talk aka Marko Nastic ‘Easter Happiness’ [Shadowfax]
02. Steve Angello ‘Teasing Mr. Charlie’ [Size]
03. Unknown Artist ‘Snake (Marco V Re-Edit)’ [White Label]
04. Chocolate Puma ‘Always and Forever (Bart Claessen Dub Mix) (SvD Edit)’ [United/Positiva]
05. Ferry Corsten ‘Are You Ready’ [Flashover]
06. Dada Life ‘Big Time’ [Breast Fed]
07. Sander van Doorn ‘Pumpkin (SvD Remix)’ [Oxygen]
08. 2 Faced ‘Rock Music (Don Diablo Remix)’ [Little Mountain Recordings]
09. Cirez D ‘Mouseville Theme’ [Mouseville]
10. Abel Ramos ‘Electrofun (Digital Poison Remix)’ [Spinnin’]
11. 2 Terry Ferminal ‘Nymph (Original mix)’ [High Contrast]
12. Ronald van Gelderen ‘This Way’ [High Contrast]
13. Hardcell & Grindvik ‘Salt’ [Gain]
14. Randy Katana ‘Plastic Fantastic’ [Spinnin’]
15. Mojado ‘Rezo’ [Blackhole]
16. Fred Baker & Greg Nash ‘Lunar Eclipse’ [Spinnin’]
17. Sander van Doorn ‘Darkroast (2006 Re-Fill)’ [Nebula]
18. Cave ‘Friday Night 2006’ [Spilo]
19. Preach ‘Broken Inside’ [FBI]
20. Ferry Corsten ‘Cubikated’ [Flashover]
21. Re:locate ‘Rogue’ [Galactive]
22. Divini & Warning ‘4LB’ [Reset]
23. 4 Strings ‘Take Me Away (Purple Haze remix)’ [Liquid]
24. Marcel Woods ‘Cherry Blossom (Trancy Energy 2006 Remix)’ [High Contrast]
25. Leon Bolier ‘The Navigator’ [Spinnin’]
26. S.O. Project ‘Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix)’ [Spinnin’]
27. BK & Mark Sherry ‘Amino’ [Riot]
28. Super 8 & POS present Aalto ‘5 (Maoris Dark Remix)’ [Anjunabeats]
29. Yellow ‘Oh Yeah (Sander van Doorn Remix)’ [Gang Go]
30. Eric Sneo ‘Ghostbuster’ [GS2]

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