Disclosure reunite with Sam Smith on ‘Omen’Disclosure Caracal

Disclosure reunite with Sam Smith on ‘Omen’

Disclosure are hyping up their forthcoming sophomore album Caracal by setting its singles as the soundtrack to an artistic four-part video series. Earlier this month we watched the first part of the short film, which was set to the duo’s single with Gregory Porter, “Holding On.”

We were then introduced to party-loving protagonist Mariela, who lives in dystopian Mexico. In the thick of societal oppression, she bands together with Andreas, a man who also shares in having supernatural abilities. Mariela gets the Caracal symbol tattooed onto her, with the ink as a “chance of peace.”

In part two, set to “Omen ft. Sam Smith,” director Ryan Hope gives us a look into the future, two weeks later. A tattooed woman walks alone at night, followed by a dark vehicle. She arrives at her destination, flashing her wrist as her ticket to an exclusive nightclub. As people party and intimately dance, the woman is revealed to be a tattoo artist, though her art is not visible to the audience’s eyes. Mariela is also at the club, and projects a Caracal symbol in the palm of her hand, as uniformed enforcement wait outside the venue.

A fur coat-cloaked woman draws the Caracal on the mirror using lipstick, and the venue is digitally scanned by an unseen force. The video ends with a “To Be Continued” still, accompanied by sirens, gun shots, and screams. We’re left wondering what’s next—could part two and three be music videos for Caracal’s other singles, “Bang That” and “Moving Mountains”? The plot thickens.

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