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Watch Flume’s live set at SXSW’s Hype Hotel

Flume’s reign as one of 2015’s biggest electronic acts hit a new high recently with an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. With another Chet Faker collaborative EP in the works, we wonder: is there anything this wunderkind can’t do?

With several stadium and festival appearances this last summer alone, it is now a rarity to see Flume perform in front of smaller crowds. This past March however, the Australian artist performed a set in Austin at SXSW for Hype Hotel’s I Guess I’m Floating/YVYNYL party.

Complex affiliate Baeblemusic captured the 30-minute performance on film, which is now available for streaming. Watch as Flume spins a majestic and ethereal set containing some of his most classic tracks in front of an intimate setting.

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