Google is working on in-ear wearable techGoogle In Ear Wearable

Google is working on in-ear wearable tech

In September of 2015, the team behind Google Glass was placed within a new group, titled Project Aura. That team has been responsible for Google’s entire wearable technology division, which has supposedly been working on in-ear wearables specifically. According to Andy Mathes of United Sciences, an Atlanta-based company who specializes in 3D scanning of the human ear, Google is working with Thad Starner, one of the company’s brand ambassadors, to design new wearable in-ear tech. Adam Mathes was quoted as saying ,”He’s [Starner] working with Google still on some kind of in-ear wearable and Glass combination. They’re very keen on the ear.”

As it goes, Starner was one of the lead visionaries behind Google Glass. His involvement in Google’s new foray into in-ear tech thus portends good things to come. Outside of Google, Doppler Labs is notably pushing the niche forward, having linked up with Goldenvoice to distribute their wearable in-ear plugs, Here Active Listening, at this year’s Coachella.

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